Do you want to create a business in Andorra?


What is ICOB?

At ICOB we are your best ally to start your business and fiscal projects in Andorra. At ICOB, we offer personalized solutions for each client. We have a team of qualified professionals with experience in the sector who will accompany and advise you throughout the legal, fiscal, and accounting process of your new life in Andorra.

At ICOB, we will help you to speed up your move to Andorra so that it can be as fast and easy as possible.

Come live in Andorra with ICOB!

Advantages of living in Andorra

Andorra tax advantages

Andorra has taxes that are very similar to neighboring countries, but these taxes have a lower interest rate. At ICOB, we can explain to you what these advantages are. Discover the tax advantages of Andorra!

Tax agreements and magnificent strategic location

Tax agreements and the good strategic location of Andorra make the country an excellent option to create a company and live in an unbeatable environment.

Excellent quality of life

Enjoy the Andorran lifestyle. It is a safe, economically stable, and peaceful country surrounded by nature, but also with a very interesting commercial offer. Come live in Andorra!

Why ICOB for your transfer to Andorra?


We have 10 years of experience offering our consulting services to businesses, and today we maintain all of our clients.


We have experts who handle each case uniquely to offer the best solution.


We offer support and are available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions.

At ICOB we will be your support

At ICOB, we will be your support in your new life in Andorra. We want you to feel at home from day one, which is why we will provide you with comprehensive support throughout the installation process in the Andorran country.

Whether you want to create a business in Andorra, you are an individual with a large fortune that you want to manage in the Andorran country, an elite athlete, a content creator such as a YouTuber or influencer, or whatever your situation may be, if you come to live in Andorra, from ICOB Business Management, we will offer you our personalized services according to your needs.