Renting a house in Andorra: everything you need to know

Renting a house in Andorra is an ideal option for living in the country.

Rent a house in Andorra it is an ideal option to reside in the country. It allows you to avoid any permanent commitment until you find a special corner in this natural paradise. A ICOB we provide you with all the information you need to start looking for your ideal home.

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What is the process for renting a house in Andorra?

The process of renting a house in Andorra has been designed by simplify the search and legally favor the tenant. Leases typically run for five years and guarantee consolidated rights to the tenant during this period. In case of early cancellation, one month's notice is required for each remaining year of the contract.

The rights of the tenant include protection against sale of property, termination without proof of irregularity, negligence in maintenance and the unjustified increase of the rent Before entering into a contract, an initial payment of four months' rent is stipulated, which includes two months' refundable deposit, one month for the estate agent and one month for advanced rent.

These procedures and guidelines ensure a transparent and fair process for those tenants looking to rent a house in Andorra.

What documents are needed?

To complete the rental process in Andorra you also need additional documents such as a FEDA certificate which certifies that the electricity in the property is in the name of the tenant and a proof that verifies that the rental contract has been made in the corresponding municipality.

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What is the approximate price of renting a house in Andorra?

When looking for rental properties in Andorra, it is important to consider the price. East varies by location and physical condition of the property. In addition, factors such as view, landscape and sunlight must be taken into consideration. These can influence prices, making the selection of a property focused on budget considerations and specific features.

one basic example is an area of properties with one bedroom with a bathroom in the center for a price of around €1000 a month, avant-garde 2 bedroom apartments with a bathroom and furniture for a price of around €1500 a month. Getting a house has a cost that starts from €3000.

It is important to understand that these costs are only an example, as they fluctuate based on building quality, furnishings, location and certain specific considerations such as access to transport and parking. Even the weather can be a factor that increases or decreases the price of the property.

Where can I rent a house in Andorra?

When it comes to renting a house in Andorra, the search can be a bit overwhelming at first. While the traditional methodology of asking and using local contacts can work, at ICOB we recommend that you ask first Andorra Vivienda, one of the leading real estate agencies in the country. It is an ideal option to access the updated market of homes, rooms, offices and new construction.

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In addition, it stands out for offering homes that are suitable for any type of person, whether resident or non-resident. Its properties are distinguished by innovative designs and they suit various styles and preferences. This makes the process easier by allowing users to track their favorite properties.

However, Andorra Vivenda's commitment goes beyond the offer of properties, as it also offers comprehensive advice to help find the right home, supporting customers at every step of the search and selection process.

In conclusion, rent a house in Andorra is an attractive and flexible option to reside in this natural paradise, with a process designed to guarantee tenants' rights. In addition, although the price varies according to the location, quality, view and sunlight, you have at your disposal Andorra Housing, a real estate agency that stands out as a comprehensive option, offering innovative properties and comprehensive advice.

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